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WEST SUPPORT is a social impact foundation that works to protect human rights and democracy, address the aftermath of war, promote sustainable development, and build a more just society.

WEST SUPPORT is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States and has offices in 17 countries. Its members include lawyers, human rights advocates, academics, and businesspeople.

WEST SUPPORT analyzes, researches, strategizes, and implements campaigns to influence various aspects of public life, including:

Politics : We work to promote policies that protect human rights and democracy.

Public opinion: We conduct research and public education campaigns to raise awareness of human rights issues

Values and beliefs: We work to promote values of justice, fairness, and equality.

Image by Dave Sherrill

Our Story

In 2020, the Congress of Non-Governmental Organizations Give Right to Life (GRL), founded in 1978, and the Union for Cultural Development (UCD), founded in 1991, decided to merge to form a single non-governmental organization, West Support. The new organization was founded in January 2021.

The merger was a result of the two organizations' shared commitment to protecting human rights and promoting democracy around the world. GRL and UCD had been working in these areas for many years, and they believed that by merging, they could be even more effective in achieving their goals.

In April 2022, West Support launched a special monitoring mission to identify military crimes committed against the civilian population. The mission is led by a team of experienced human rights investigators.

West Support has interviewed more than 50,000 people in an area of 8,000 square kilometers and documented thousands of cases of murder, rape, and other acts of violence committed by Russian forces.

West Support is committed to holding perpetrators of human rights abuses accountable. The organization's work is essential to building a more just and peaceful world.

In 2022 and 2023, West Support was a member of the Humanitarian Assistance and Conflict Working Group, which was responsible for drafting the relevant section of the final communiqué of the G7 summit. The organization submitted its recommendations on humanitarian assistance and conflict recovery, which were included in the communiqué.


Our Mission

Our program envisions a world where all people have the freedom to enjoy their human rights equally, so that they can reach their full potential and live in dignity.

We promote and protect human rights by supporting individuals and nations in their efforts to realize the civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights and responsibilities enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights instruments.

We believe that we must seize every opportunity to protect and advance our civil rights and liberties, in legislatures, courts, and communities around the world. We must hold our leaders and institutions accountable to fulfill the promise of democracy.

With your support, we can lead freedom forward.

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Through direct support, such as knowledge transfer and financial assistance, West support supports independent organizations, institutions and the media in young democracies. A harmoniously functioning civil society is a condition for the development of democracy!

West support today continues to implement programs initiated by the founding organizations, and three new projects have also been launched, namely:

Global Human Rights Protection
We work tirelessly to protect and uphold human rights around the world, advocating for justice and fairness.

Independent Electoral Observation

 We actively participate as independent international observers in elections and referendums to ensure that they are conducted in accordance with international standards.

War Crimes Documentation

Our team identifies and documents war crimes, gathering evidence to bring perpetrators to justice and to ensure that victims receive justice.


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