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Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine

From October 2022, the Special Monitoring Mission to Israel of the West Support Agency commenced its operations in the aftermath of the Hamas attack on October 7, 2023. This mission is dedicated to upholding international humanitarian law within the affected areas. Mobile monitoring teams from the mission embark on daily excursions into the territories that have been liberated from Hamas occupation and those still embroiled in active military conflicts. The primary objective is to document and identify individuals involved in war crimes. The mission is currently actively engaged in the process of compiling and preparing these materials for submission to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

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Let’s Work Together

Monitors are mandated to help reduce tensions and promote peace, stability and security, and to monitor and support the implementation of all human rights principles and obligations. The Mission engages with authorities at all levels, as well as with civil society, ethnic and religious groups and local communities, to promote dialogue on the ground. The Mission will collect information and report on the security situation, establish and report facts in response to specific incidents, including those relating to alleged violations of basic human rights principles and obligations.

Mandatory criteria to apply for an election observation mission as a short-term or long-term observer:

  • proficiency in the language of the mission (for the EU: French, English, Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic depending on the country observed)

  • at least a Master's degree in a relevant discipline (political science, international relations, international law, human rights, journalism, etc.)

  • good physical condition

  • possession of a valid passport

  • neutrality and independence from the host country

  • ability to work in a multicultural environment, interpersonal skills

  • To apply for a long-term observer position, you must have completed several missions as a short-term observer.


Additional criteria:

  • significant field experience in conflict or post-conflict areas desired for most missions under the aegis of the EU

  • demonstrated ability to work in difficult conditions (degraded security environment, basic comfort, health risk, etc.)

  • prior professional experience in the geographical area concerned

  • knowledge of the languages ​​spoken in the country where the mission is deployed: it should be noted that language skills may be tested during pre-selection and selection.

​The fact of registering on this database does not in any way imply that one is a candidate for a specific mission; it is only a mandatory prerequisite for any application form for an electoral observation mission. Once this process has been completed, it is not necessary to renew it, but to update its data regularly.


The pre-selection is made from the files received following the calls for applications.


WEST SUPPORT proceeds in a collegial manner to the pre-selection of candidates for each mission based on the criteria requested by the organization in charge of observation. The shortlist of relevant candidates that is established respects, as far as possible, the principles of parity, generational balance, professional diversity, and makes room for the rotation and renewal of observers.


Due to the large number of applications, only those shortlisted will be contacted.

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