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Internship Program

Welcome to the WEST SUPPORT Internship Program!

We are pleased to introduce you to the opportunity to join our WEST SUPPORT Internship Program. Our agency is dedicated to finding talented and motivated students and graduates ready to gain valuable experience and contribute to the growth of our organization.

Let’s Work Together

If you are interested in learning how the 1949 Geneva Convention and other international legal instruments are applied in real-world situations to protect human rights and humanitarian principles, our Internship Program is for you. You will have the chance to work with experienced professionals in the field of human rights protection and gain valuable skills and knowledge that will prepare you for your future career. You will also contribute to our ongoing projects and activities that aim to promote and defend human rights and humanitarian law around the world.

Program Overview:

The "International Law and Identification of War Crimes" internship program is a practical and educational initiative offered by the American office of the international human rights agency, WEST SUPPORT. The primary focus of this program is to provide American university students with knowledge and practical skills in the field of international humanitarian law, working with civilians affected by war crimes, collaborating with law enforcement agencies, and the International Criminal Court to ensure the prosecution of perpetrators. Additionally, the program emphasizes the importance of proper documentation and archiving of collected materials.

Program Duration: 6 months

Program Structure:

  •         Introduction to International Humanitarian Law:

    • Understanding the fundamental principles and norms of international humanitarian law.

    • In-depth study and application of the Geneva Convention of August 12, 1949, and its Additional Protocols concerning armed conflicts.

  •         Training in the Identification of War Crimes:

    • Hands-on exercises in recognizing and documenting war crimes and human rights violations.

    • Working with affected civilians to collect testimonies and evidence.

  •         Collaboration with Law Enforcement Agencies and the International Criminal Court:

    • Developing skills for effective cooperation with national law enforcement agencies and courts to ensure the submission of collected materials and the prosecution of offenders.

    • Analyzing court proceedings and the role of human rights organizations.

  •         Practical Experience in Liberated Areas of Ukraine (subject to university approval and safety measures):

    • Real-world experience on-site, documenting war crimes and assisting affected civilians.

    • Guided by experienced WEST SUPPORT staff.

  •         Final Stage:

    • Systematizing and archiving collected materials.

    • Preparing comprehensive final reports on the work conducted and achieved results.

    • Conducting examinations to assess intern's understanding and assimilation of program materials.

This program will be open to university students, offering them the unique opportunity to combine education with practical experience. Financial support, such as scholarships, will be provided to ensure equal access to the program for all participants.

By providing practical exposure, the program aims to empower interns to make tangible contributions in the field of identifying and documenting war crimes, thus making the experience rewarding and motivating.


Frequently Asked Questions


We offer various internship periods, including summer and fall sessions. Please contact us for detailed information about the timelines and available opportunities.

Are WEST SUPPORT internships paid?

While WEST SUPPORT internships are unpaid; however, WEST SUPPORT offers interns other benefits, including educational assistance during their internship term.

What are an intern’s typical responsibilities?

Interns working in the organization's regional offices will gain hands-on experience and knowledge of how nonprofits and think tanks are structured and run. Interns' daily tasks vary by department and may include research and outreach, assisting with organizing WEST SUPPORT conferences and events, editing, writing, and web content management.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in participating in the WEST SUPPORT Internship Program, please send us your resume and a cover a letter to the popular online job search platform                    or to our email address                   .

Join the WEST SUPPORT team and start your journey towards a successful career. We look forward to receiving your application and hope to see you in our internship program!

If you have any questions or need additional information, feel free to contact us at

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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