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C7 2024 kick-off event and preparations for the upcoming G7 Summit

On January 18, 2024, the prominent international kick-off meeting for Civil7 (C7), organized by Gcap Italia, commenced in Italy. The West Support agency team actively participated in the event, and we, as attendees, express our sincere gratitude for the invitation. The significance of this event cannot be overstated.d.

Civil7, also known as Civil Seven, serves as the official engagement group for the G7, representing the voice and perspective of international civil society. It functions as a forum for collaboration, policy development, and dialogue with the world's most influential nations. The group expressed worry about the current "polycrisis," which encompasses issues such as inequality, discrimination, and conflict that result in humanitarian crises. This "polycrisis" is further compounded by the intricacy of climate and environmental challenges. Civil7 participants emphasized the need to tackle political institutions and initiate a dialogue for social transformation.

In 2024, the C7 has been organized into seven working groups, each focusing on critical aspects of global challenges.

  1. Climate, Energy Transformation and Environmental Justice.

  2. Economic Justice and Transformation.

  3. Global Health.

  4. Principled Humanitarian Aid.

  5. Peace, Shared Security and Nuclear Disarmament.

  6. Human Mobility and Migration.

  7. Food Justice and Food Systems Transformation.

Members of these groups will be directly involved in the upcoming G7 and C7 summits. At the C7 kick-off meeting, the leaders of these working groups were introduced and discussed the main areas of work for the coming year.

We at West Support actively participate in groups such as Principled Humanitarian Aid and Peace, Shared Security and Nuclear Disarmament. We support the initiative to collectively identify key goals for the C7's 2024 agenda and believe that developing concrete strategies to coordinate advocacy is key to successfully influencing the G7.

This event was an important step towards creating a public-civil society platform that can effectively influence global decisions. We hope that the results of the C7 work will have a significant impact on shaping a future world based on justice, sustainability and humanism.


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