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Report for April 2022

«West support inc. in Ukraine» in April actively continues its humanitarian mission in Ukraine. For 2 months of work in a country that is prone to attacks by the Russian army every day, our foundation provides assistance to civilians and defenders of Ukraine.

In April, were provided through the cooperation of our regular partners from around the world and a well-established team of volunteers and representatives of «West Support» from around the world more than 80 tons of humanitarian aid, including medical and personal care products, household items, drinking water, and cleansers equipment of water, food for long-term storage, personal protective equipment of the Ukrainian army and more.

Our representative office «West support inc. in Ukraine» continue the mission of transporting the most necessary things on the territory of Ukraine, and also took part in a joint mission to evacuate civilians with local volunteers in Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Kherson and Donetsk regions by providing vehicles.

It should also be noted that under the program «WAR IN UKRAINE» representative office «West support inc. in Ukraine» continue the program of daily feeding to more than 700 military personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kyiv and the Kiev region.

Every day we work on cooperation with Ukrainian medical institutions to fulfill applications for the provision of necessary hygiene products, which are extremely lacking, and with local governments to provide volunteer psychological assistance to victims of military aggression.

We would like to thank our regular partners and all those who have joined our to program «WAR IN UKRAINE» who continue to help Ukraine in these difficult times:

- Aktionsbundnis Ukraine-Hilfe Wildrube (Germany)

- Polish Potato Federation (Polish Republic)

- Art For Charity Association Inc. (US)

We continue to work and call on all our partners and donors to work together and provide assistance to Ukraine at this difficult moment for the whole world.

By supporting Ukraine, we support our democratic values, for which people are dying in Ukraine.


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