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UN Special Rapporteur: Torture of Ukrainians a Deliberate Part of Russia's State Policy

Introduction: In a recent press conference held in Kyiv on September 10, 2023, United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment, Alice Jill Edwards, made a startling revelation. She emphasized that the systematic torture of Ukrainians is not an isolated incident but rather a deliberate component of Russia's state policy. This alarming declaration sheds light on the grave human rights abuses being inflicted upon Ukrainian civilians and military detainees. This article will delve into the details of Ms. Edwards' statements and the implications of her findings.

Systematic Torture: A State Policy: Ms. Edwards' statements have raised serious concerns about the scale and severity of human rights abuses occurring in the context of the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. According to her, the number of testimonies regarding torture and inhumane treatment at the hands of Russian authorities continues to increase. What is particularly disturbing is her assertion that these horrifying actions are not random occurrences but rather a coordinated part of Russia's state policy.

Methods of Torture: The testimonies gathered by Ms. Edwards and her team reveal a horrifying array of torture methods employed by Russian authorities. These include electrocution, physical beatings, simulated executions, drowning simulations, prolonged stress positions, threats of sexual assault and death, and various degrading ceremonies aimed at humiliating detainees. Civilian Ukrainians have reported being held in cramped underground cells, further exacerbating their suffering. Additionally, there are documented cases of severe weight loss among military detainees, with one individual losing almost half of his body weight during nine months of captivity. Some victims have even experienced memory loss as a result of the torture they endured.

Response and Rehabilitation: While the situation is dire, Ms. Edwards commended the support and rehabilitation programs initiated by the Ukrainian government. She also recognized the efforts of prosecutors and non-governmental organizations in communicating with victims and investigating these crimes. However, she highlighted the shortage of forensic experts and mental health professionals due to the overwhelming number of cases.

UN Special Procedures and Their Independence: It is essential to understand that Special Rapporteurs like Ms. Edwards operate independently of any government or organization. They are part of the United Nations Special Procedures, which operate on a voluntary basis and are not paid for their work. Their independence allows them to provide unbiased assessments and recommendations.

Call for Action: The shocking revelations made by Ms. Edwards should serve as a wake-up call to the international community. The international community, along with relevant organizations and governments, must condemn these human rights abuses and call on Russia to cease such practices immediately. The world cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering of Ukrainian civilians and military detainees.

Confirmation by WEST SUPPORT: Furthermore, the Special Monitoring Mission of the agency WEST SUPPORT, which has been documenting war crimes in the occupied territories of Ukraine since April 1, 2023, has corroborated these facts. They join Ms. Edwards in urging the Russian side of the conflict to halt these criminal activities.

Conclusion: The findings presented by the UN Special Rapporteur Alice Jill Edwards paint a harrowing picture of the systematic torture and abuse inflicted upon Ukrainians by Russian authorities. These acts cannot be dismissed as isolated incidents; they are an integral part of Russia's state policy.

The international community must respond resolutely to address this humanitarian crisis, ensuring justice for the victims and holding those responsible for their actions accountable.


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