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Urgent Call to Prevent a Potential Terrorist Attack at Zaporizhzhya NPP amid Russian Occupation


In the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the situation has taken a grave turn. Today, we bring to your attention an alarming piece of information obtained WEST SUPPORT regarding a potential terrorist attack at the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). It is crucial to highlight that the power plant is currently under the control of Russian occupying forces. This attack has the potential to inflict severe harm on millions of people and cause irreparable damage to the planet. It is our collective responsibility to raise awareness and urgently call for international action to prevent this catastrophic event.

The Importance of Zaporizhzhya NPP:

The Zaporizhzhya NPP, previously a symbol of Ukraine's energy independence and stability, now stands under the control of Russian occupying forces. This power plant remains a critical infrastructure that, if disrupted or damaged, could have devastating consequences not only for Ukraine but for the wider international community. The potential terrorist attack at this facility poses an unprecedented threat to millions of lives and the environment.

The Threat of a Terrorist Attack:

WEST SUPPORT, has received credible information pointing towards a potential terrorist attack targeting the Zaporizhzhya NPP, currently under Russian occupation. This alarming prospect puts millions of innocent lives at risk, exacerbating the already dire situation caused by the invasion. Given the high potential for widespread harm, immediate action is imperative to prevent such an incident from occurring.

The Call for International Intervention:

In light of the Russian occupation and the impending terrorist threat, we urgently call upon the international community to unite and intervene. The situation requires immediate action and collaboration from nations across the globe. The occupation of the power plant amplifies the urgency of the matter, and it is paramount that the international community stands in solidarity with Ukraine against this act of aggression.

International Efforts and Support:

Preventing a terrorist attack of this magnitude requires a concerted global effort. We implore neighboring countries, international organizations, and concerned nations to join forces with Ukraine and provide assistance and resources to thwart any attempts to carry out this heinous act. Collaborative measures, such as sharing intelligence, implementing enhanced security protocols, and conducting joint counter-terrorism operations, are vital in minimizing the risk and safeguarding the lives of millions.

Raising Awareness and Advocacy:

In addition to international intervention, raising awareness and advocating for the dire situation in Ukraine is crucial. It falls upon governments, individuals, organizations, and the media to disseminate accurate information, engage in dialogue, and mobilize global efforts to prevent this terrorist attack from becoming a reality. By amplifying the voice of the Ukrainian people and shedding light on their struggle, we can garner support and increase pressure for immediate action.


The potential terrorist attack on the Zaporizhzhya NPP, currently under the control of Russian occupying forces, represents an unprecedented threat to millions of lives and the environment. The urgency of the matter has escalated due to the invasion, necessitating immediate international action. We call upon the global community to stand in solidarity with Ukraine and take decisive steps to prevent this impending catastrophe. Let us unite in our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of Ukraine, rejecting violence, and advocating for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.


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