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West Support and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine launch a rehabilitation program for wounded servicemen

Today marked the beginning of a rehabilitation project for wounded servicemen, undertaken by West Support in partnership with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. This project aims to collaborate with the State Rehabilitation Medical Center for War Veterans, spanning half a year. It involves the induction of foreign experts, who will undergo a rigorous selection process overseen by a committee under the Ministry, featuring top rehabilitation specialists. Moreover, the project envisions the involvement of donor organizations that will independently procure state-of-the-art foreign equipment at their own expense and furnish it for free, on a permanent basis, for conducting rehabilitation procedures.

The project's implementation entails building a modern institution that meets international standards. The institution's staff will also undergo a professional development process that aligns with the project's implementation requirements. All stakeholders are keen on the program's prompt commencement to achieve remarkable outcomes, enabling continued funding and the expansion of the project to other regions across the country.

Following the full-blown invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation in February 2022, military operations commenced to counter the aggression, leading to an increase in the number of servicemen affected by these actions. As a consequence, the demand for enhanced rehabilitation facilities has amplified tenfold. This encompasses not only numerical expansion but also the acquisition of qualitative, modern equipment that should be integrated into centers dedicated to expediting the recovery of injured soldiers.

Currently, this stands as the most pressing and significant issue in the domain of rehabilitation medicine, bringing together not only government programs but also donor initiatives dispatched to Ukraine in the forms of technical and humanitarian assistance.

We consider it a privilege to be involved in this project as the rights of individuals impacted by military aggression must be safeguarded, particularly for military personnel who have sacrificed their health and physical capabilities. Protecting citizens' rights serves as the cornerstone of any thriving democratic society.


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