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Afghan Women Launch Women's Revolution to Fight for Fundamental Rights

A group of Afghan women has launched the Women's Revolution movement to fight for fundamental human and women's rights in the country. The movement aims to protect the basic rights of citizens, particularly women, as access to basic rights is a serious requirement for citizens. The organizers, including students, teachers, and former government employees, are fighting for women's rights.

According to one of the organizers, Donya Safi, society can only progress with the contribution of women. As a result, if women do not contribute to society, society will not progress. Despite women's essential role in the country's progress, women are not allowed to participate in the current Taliban government.

Afghan women continue to face challenges related to education due to Taliban-imposed bans. The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed his concerns about the right of women and girls in Afghanistan, who are living in exile in their own country. Guterres reiterated that the basic rights of Afghan women and girls are trampled due to the ban on education by the de-facto authorities.

The spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate, Zabiullah Mujahid, refuted the claims and asserted that women's and girls' rights have been upheld in Afghanistan. However, the recent decree by the Taliban to ban female students from sitting in university entrance exams and prohibiting women from working in non-governmental organizations sparked outrage on both national and international levels.

In response, ten women foreign ministers who attended the 59th Munich Security Conference issued a statement condemning the restrictions imposed on women and girls in Afghanistan. The foreign ministers of Slovenia, Germany, Canada, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Andorra, Albania, Mongolia, and Libya voiced their concerns about the situation.

In conclusion, the Women's Revolution movement in Afghanistan is a crucial step towards fighting for fundamental human and women's rights. The international community must continue to support and advocate for the rights of Afghan women and girls to ensure their safety and well-being. The Taliban government must also recognize the vital role that women play in society and allow them to participate in decision-making processes. Only then can Afghanistan progress towards a more equitable and just society for all its citizens.

Sonya Dacenko


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