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Report for July. We are preparing for the difficult heating season of 2022-2023

According to the result of five months of humanitarian work, since the beginning of the military conflict in Ukraine, the international agency «West support» has followed a constant trend of increasing the provision of charitable assistance. The main directions of humanitarian aid, taking into account the approach of the 2022-2023 winter period, are warm things, autonomous power generators and mobile heating elements. Despite the tiredness of foreign donors and volunteers, «West support» continues to receive aid in the form of humanitarian cargo both for civilians and for military essentials. The question of the continuation of the humanitarian program in Ukraine is extremely important, because with the approach of the autumn-winter period of 2022-2023, Ukrainian cities face the question of the heating season. As of today, many infrastructure facilities have been destroyed in the country and this trend is increasing every day. The issue of providing warm things, hygiene products, and creating mobile heating points is extremely important. In July, humanitarian aid was provided in the following areas: • Medical preparations and emergency supplies were received by medical institutions of Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Chernihiv regions and the city of Kyiv; • Foodstuffs, food for long-term storage in canned food, dry rations were transferred in the territory of Kharkiv and Mykolaiv regions with a total weight of more than 45 tons; • More than 21 tons of personal hygiene items and household items, warm items were transferred to humanitarian aid distribution centers; • Personal protective equipment such as 3rd and 4th protection class body armor, tactical first-aid kits, as well as tactical helmets were handed over to military medical facilities and special forces that protect Ukraine.

Representatives of the agency "West support inc. in Ukraine" continues a permanent joint mission with partner organizations and volunteers to evacuate the civilian population in Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Kherson and Donetsk regions by providing vehicles. As of the end of July, in the southern direction, 57 settlements were liberated from Russian occupation, in connection with which, the number of affected citizens who had the opportunity to receive assistance increased. The direction that was previously started under the program "WAR IN UKRAINE" Representative office "West support inc. in Ukraine", as a joint project with the Swiss international association Friedenstaube für Ukraine regarding the provision of dry food for a round-the-clock high-calorie diet, last month remained at the stable level of previous months in the volume of aid supplies, which made it possible to feed people every day.

We would like to thank our permanent partners and everyone who joined our "WAR IN UKRAINE" program, who continue to help Ukraine in these difficult times: - Aktionsbundnis Ukraine-Hilfe Wildrube (Germany) - Friedenstaube für Ukraine (Swiss) - American Online Giving Foundation, Inc. (USA) - The UK Online Giving Foundation (UK) - Art For Charity Association Inc (US) We continue to work and call on all our partners and donors to work together and provide assistance to Ukraine at this difficult time for the whole world. By supporting Ukraine, we support our democratic values, for which people die in Ukraine.


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