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Report for May 2022

On May 3, 2022, the 100-day mark was crossed after the beginning of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, which led to a humanitarian catastrophe and a large number of refugees.

«West support inc. in Ukraine» in May systematically continues its humanitarian mission on the territory of Ukraine. Every day, volunteers and partners of our organization carry out many humanitarian activities to bring closer to the standards of comfortable stay of temporarily displaced persons and people affected by the military conflict.

In May, about 170 tons of humanitarian aid were delivered to Ukraine to carry out a charity mission under the flag «West support inc. in Ukraine» to relevant categories of civilians and military groups, including medical and personal hygiene items, household items, drinking water, dirty water purifiers, long-term storage products, personal protective equipment and more.

It should also be noted that the representative office of «West support inc. in Ukraine» continues to carry out joint missions with partner organizations and volunteers to evacuate civilians in Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Kherson, and Donetsk regions by providing vehicles.

It should also be noted that under the program «WAR IN UKRAINE» Representative office «West support inc. in Ukraine» has joined forces with the Swiss International Association Friedenstaube für Ukraine to provide a dry, high-calorie, round-the-clock diet that allows it to systematically feed more than 3,000 people every day.

The issue of filling the medical institutions of Ukraine with hygiene products and medicines of the modern generation is also at the forefront of our mission and partner organizations that work every day with our office.

We would like to thank our regular partners and all those who have joined our WAR IN UKRAINE program who continue to help Ukraine in these difficult times:

- Aktionsbundnis Ukraine-Hilfe Wildrube (Germany)

- Friedenstaube für Ukraine (Swiss)

- American Online Giving Foundation, Inc. (US)

- Polish Potato Federation (Polish Republic)

- The UK Online Giving Foundation (UK)

- Art For Charity Association Inc (US)

We continue to work and call on all our partners and donors to work together and help Ukraine in this difficult time for the world.

By supporting Ukraine, we support our democratic values, for which people are dying in Ukraine.


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