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Report for November. Blackout in Ukraine. Russian missiles hit energy facilities, creating a genocid

The entire territory of the independent sovereign country of Ukraine was in a state of energy terrorism due to Russian missiles hitting infrastructural energy facilities. As a result, the country was forced to apply emergency power cuts for the population and businesses in order to reduce the load on the power grid.

Through the joint efforts team of the West support in Ukraine and our partners, assistance was provided in the form of things that are extremely necessary to support people's livelihoods in conditions of lack of electricity, water and heating. The situation is particularly dire in the territories that were liberated after the occupation by Russian troops, as there were targeted destructions of energy infrastructure, bridges, hospitals, and mobile communication towers.

As part of the recording of war crimes, mobile groups of the Special Monitoring Mission of the West Support agency in Ukraine visited the Kharkiv, Kherson, and Mykolaiv regions to obtain data from victims of military aggression, with subsequent transfer of all collected materials to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Office of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine. All these materials were collected by our mission officers for the purpose of transfer to the authorized bodies for the initiation of each separate criminal investigation against those persons who suffered personally or lost relatives with the subsequent possibility of receiving compensation.

During the work of the mobile groups of the Special Monitoring Mission of the agency West support in Ukraine, information is also collected on the need for humanitarian aid for residents of settlements that have lost their property in whole or in part, and who are currently in need of food, household items, and tools personal hygiene and medicine. All these appeals are processed into a single register of humanitarian aid needs, and thanks to our partners - donors, we provide this aid. Analyzing the collected data, we can note that the main needs for help are: building materials, food products and means of heating premises.

In the recent period, humanitarian aid was provided in the following areas:

• 43 tons of medical drugs and first aid supplies were received by medical institutions in Kherson, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Chernihiv, Kyiv regions and the city of Kyiv;

• 28 tons of food products, food for long storage in canned food, dry rations were transferred in the territory of Kharkiv and Mykolaiv regions;

• 45 tons of personal hygiene items and household items, warm items were transferred to humanitarian aid distribution centers;

• Personal protective equipment such as 3rd and 4th protection class body armor, tactical first-aid kits, as well as tactical helmets were handed over to military medical facilities.

Continuation of the "Mobile Meals" program together with partners - the "Goodness and Love" Foundation and the Dutch Christian Refugee Relief Fund, which temporarily provided a mobile kitchen for preparing free meals.

Every day, the mobile kitchen moves around the Kharkiv region with a team of cooks and prepares almost 1,000 dinners absolutely free of charge for everyone who needs it. The location is constantly changing, since the first thing is the safety of citizens who create a mass crowd, as well as the comfort of receiving portioned meals for city residents.

We would like to thank our permanent partners and everyone who joined our "WAR IN UKRAINE" program and continues to help Ukraine in this difficult time:

- Christian Refugee Relief (Netherlands)

- Friedenstaube für Ukraine (Swiss)

- American Online Giving Foundation, Inc. (USA)

- The UK Online Giving Foundation (UK)

- Art For Charity Association Inc (US)

- Unicef

We continue to work and call on all our partners and donors to work together and provide assistance to Ukraine. By supporting Ukraine, we support our democratic values, for which people die in Ukraine.


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