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Russia Shells Kyiv Children's Hospital: West Support Launches Rescue Efforts

Today, July 8, 2024, Russia committed a horrific war crime by shelling the Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine.

This barbaric act of aggression resulted in the deaths of many people, including 2 children.

Many more were injured, and the number continues to rise.

West Support, an international human rights organization, vehemently condemns this inhumane act.

The Okhmatdet Children's Hospital is not just a medical facility.

It is a symbol of hope for sick children and their families fighting for their lives.

The shelling of this hospital is not only a war crime but also an act of unprecedented savagery.

West Support has immediately dispatched rescue teams to the scene to assist the victims.

We are also working to raise funds and resources to provide the necessary aid to the children and their families.

We call on all civilized nations of the world to condemn this terrorist act and demand that Russia immediately cease fire.

We also call for an independent investigation into this crime and for those responsible to be held accountable.

The children of Ukraine should not be targets in this war.

The world must do everything it can to protect them.

West Support will continue to provide assistance to those affected by this war and work to ensure justice for all victims.


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