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West Support and A-WEB - partners

We are proud to announce that the International Human Rights Agency West Support has become a partner of the Association of Electoral Bodies of the World (A-WEB).

At a joint meeting of the leadership of the Association of World Electoral Bodies and the International Human Rights Agency West Support, an agreement was reached on the procedure for joint activities of a single team as international observers at national elections in different countries, and joint seminars and workshops were also agreed upon meetings, generally defined common communication channels for sharing experience. The result of this was the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on January 12, 2023!

One of the main activities of the the International Human Rights Agency West support is participation in elections as international observers. Thus, in 2022, our representatives participated in elections and referenda in the following countries: Slovenia, Serbia, and Kenya, as well as in the United States during the voting in the congressional elections (November 8, 2022). West Support aims to implement an Election Observation Program that will work worldwide.

We are grateful to the Secretary General of A-WEB In-sik Jang and the entire A-WEB team for the work they do every day, which is a significant contribution to the efficiency and effectiveness of free, fair and transparent elections around the world. Your significant contribution is invaluable, your activities give people the opportunity to hope that their every voice will be heard and no one can limit their right to express their will!

Separately, we should note that the Association of Electoral Bodies of the World A-WEB is the world's largest international organization in the field of election administration. Currently, it unites 119 election administration bodies from 110 countries of the world. Since its inception in 2013, A-WEB has indeed wholeheartedly pursued its mission and vision, as articulated in the A-WEB Charter.


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